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Rachel Bailey: Artist, Photographer, and Business Owner of RayBayCreates
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Rachel Bailey, Goofy Artist

About Rachel

Hello there!

I'm Rachel, a photographer, crafter, dog mom, travel addict, and enthusiastic lover of many things! (and a chronic over-user of exclamation points)I'm passionate about storytelling, seeing the world, and creating connections. ​


Pre-2020 I was working a typical 9-5 office job and keeping all my free time jam-packed with creative endeavors that paid little-to-nothing and kept me equally fulfilled and exhausted. After having my artistic career come to a grinding halt and then losing my office job all in one fell swoop, I've spent the last few years reevaluating how I can make a living with my skills and passions without running myself into the ground as well.


That's where all this comes in. I've been a portrait photographer for years, having learned from my photographer father since my own childhood.  I've always been a crafter, and enjoy hobbies where I can make something to share with friends and family. And in recent months, I've gotten back into design and artwork, especially fanart and learning more digital design skills.

So why not share that all here?!


I also still act! In both regional St Louis film and theatre and voiceover work (direct from my closet recording booth). Visit for my acting info. 


​Have questions or a request? Email me directly!

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